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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome to Rod's Crazy Advice

Welcome to the first edition of "Rod's Crazy Advice!" Nothing in the blog is intended to make sense. Following my advice will surely lead you down the wrong path to success. I am not a doctor, counsellor, lawyer, business magnate, successful author or columnist. I just write for fun and I thought that giving out senseless, worthless, meaningless, advice might be fun. So, if you would like the wrong answer.... I'm the person to ask. I can't wait!

You can post a question in the comments area, or you can comment on my advice. I may comment on your comment, which in turn may lead you to comment once again.

When giving advice I will use fictitious names. You don't think I'd give advice to real people, do you? I don't really want to be a defendant in court. Also, Keep your language clean, and don't use the real names of people you know. This blog needs to be totally anonymous.


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