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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reprise: Dale's Backward Knees

Mary Ann wrote:

Dear Rod,

A couple of weeks ago I wrote you asking for advice about my husbands backward knees. If you will remember, the double knee replacement went badly as they put Dale's new knees in backwards. I did use some of your advice and our dining room table now has an ottoman under it and two slots cut into it. It looks a little weird, but not as weird as Dale. I've stopped feeling sorry for Dale, but I do still get the giggles some times.

All in all, it has worked out to Dales advantage. When we go dancing he can do dance steps no one else can. He does a dance he calls "the crawl." In this dance he is on his hands and feet, he bends his knees backward (the way they were put in) and does a four foot like dance that no one else can do. When he does the limbo, instead of bending his knees and leaning back, he bends them and leans forward. It looks a little freaky, but he is the life of the party.

We have also made modifications to our car. We've taken out the front passenger seat, Dale sits in the back, and rests his feet on an ottoman. We've also had to put an ottoman in front of the toilet. Every time I go to the furniture store now they take me directly to the ottomans.

Walking is still difficult, he has had to train himself not to bend his legs. He usually gets around a little better on a skate board. We are training our dog, Lassie, to tow him. We figured that Lassie was so good at getting Timmy out of the well that this would be easy for her.

I just wanted to write and thank you for your crazy advice,

Mary Ann,

Dear Mary Ann,

As you know, I don't write this blog with the thought that anything I write will actually help anyone. You are so kind to thank me. But I am a little puzzled as to why Dale didn't go back to the surgeon to have corrections made. Is the surgeon too cheap to use anesthetic? I'm just wondering because I'm up for knee replacements myself.

Also, I'm wondering if this made it easier for Dale to clip his toenails, and does he look odd with warn spots on the back of his jeans? Does he have to pedal his bicycle backwards? Do they also have an ottoman for Dale at church? Is his doctor's name "Jeckel?'

Anyway, I'm glad things are working out.

Committed to crazy advice,

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