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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Avid Reader Misses Blog

Gerald wrote:

Dear Rod,

I noticed that you haven't entered any new blogs for a couple of days. Just want you to know that I read each and every one of them and am deeply disappointed when you don't have a new blog for me each day.

So please keep it up!


Dear Jerry,

That is your nick name, isn't it? You are quite the slave driver!

But, here's the problem. I was out trying to make a true living by digging a trench 70 feet long so I could bury some drain tile for a 93 year old lady. If you had been there to help me I could have gotten back to my blogging a little sooner, and we all know that my blog is more important than somebody's house flooding out. As soon as Mr. O or Mr Mitts buys my
endorsement for $1.5 million I won't be digging ditches any longer and will have more time to blog. Actually, with $1.5 million I won't have to blog either. But, hey, everybody has to do something.

I'm glad you like the blog. But you are supposed to write in with a question for advice, not a complaint. So my advice to you is if you don't find a new blog each and every day, go back and read some of the old ones. Or you could start an argument with your wife so you could write in for some advice. Just don't ask for advice on growing lawns because mine isn't doing so good this year. It would help if it would actually snow in Colorado when it's supposed to, but I'm not entirely sure that God would appreciate me telling Him how to run His business. I do better with presidential candidates.

So, Jerry, I'll make you a deal. You quit whining and ask for some advice, and I guarantee you that I will tell you something that is sure to ruin your life. You'll get a kick out of it and so will my readers.

Committed to crazy advice,

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