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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tax Payer Seeks Advice

Fredrick wrote:

Dear Rod,

I've been going to HMR-Brock tax preparation agency every year for the last sixteen years, and every single year they have charged me more than the previous year to get my taxes done. When I first went there I thought they were pretty high, but now they are really high. The only reason I have been going there is that I get "peace of mind" knowing that they are prepared correctly. And this past year they made an error on my taxes for which I may get audited, and not them. Well, this year I am faced with paying close to $1,000 to get my taxes prepared.

I know it's crazy asking you for advice, but do you have any ideas for me.


Dear Fred,

It is okay if I call you Fred, isn't it? Thanks for writing because you made my day. It's not very often that someone else admits to being crazy, usually I am the only one. And, yes, it is crazy writing me. Of course, that's why people do it. We are all more crazy than we think.

What I think is really crazy is that you stuck with HMR-Brock as long as you have. What it really stands for is How Many Rip-offs by Mr. Brock. And, by the way, how is your peace of mind now since you know they prepared your taxes incorrectly?

I, myself, was also crazy enough to stick with them for as long as I did. When I finally switched to someone else my tax prep bill went from $900 to $200. That was more than enough money to buy a new lazy boy chair, which a lazy man like me needs.

Freddie, have you ever heard of turbo tax? Man, $50 gets you filed and you don't have to drive across town and sit in that chair while some old lady squints at your information and looks at you above the rim of her glasses wondering what kind of idiot walked in to give their money away this time. It's amazing how we feel that spending too much to get our taxes done, then buying some sort of policy is supposed to give us peace of mind. Actually, all that happens is that they get "a piece of mine." A peace of my checking account.

So, Freddie, if you are going to give your money away you can send it to me or at least find somebody you like to give it to. Or you could take the money you saved and make a down payment on that new motor cycle you have always wanted. But save some of the money back to hire the good divorce lawyer you will need.

Hope I've helped. Write and let me know how the motor cycle thing works out.

Committed to soundly crazy advice (oxymoron)


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