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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dr. Green Thinks I Should Copyright

Dr. Green Wrote:

Dear Rod,
I am the head of the literature department at a university that I cannot mention in this letter. But after reading your poem I think you should copyright it and endeavor to have it published. You have a unique poetry style and subject matter. By the way, do you have other poetry that is worthy of being published?

Dr. Green

Dear Dr. Green of the unknown university,

Thank you for writing me and for your encouragement. I can understand why you don't want the name of your university known, it could be risky after complementing my poetry.

No, I haven't thought about copyrighting or publishing my poetry. I really don't know who would buy a book of five poems, especially five poorly written poems by an unknown. Oh wait! I guess I'm becoming famous because of this blog. After all, some pretty important people have written to me on this blog.

Now to satisfy your question about more poetry, below is another I wrote when my wife was registering for college at Green Bay.


By Rod Speed

We drove to Green Bay on a gloomy day
to the UWGB we found our way
The college there is quite a creation
There is where you meet with frustration
Especially on days of registration

First, to the booth to get a parking permit
Then to the science building, if you can find it
In the door and up many a stair to see Dr. Ritch who is nowhere
Then down the stairs and down the hall, mile after mile, wall after wall

You stand in line to get the right form, then down the hall - your shoes are well worn
To the office you go to get signed in - Ooops! It's the wrong form for Ritch to sign in
Back down the stairs and down the hall, mile after mile, wall after wall
Stand in line to get the RIGHT form, by now your shoes are really well worn

Next, to get my college I.D. , parking permit, and my locker key
This time I don't have to walk, just stand in line, give money and talk
I'd better hurry and wait or I'll be late,
This all has to be done on this particular date

Next, to the office of financial aid, through all those forms I'll have to wade
They tell me what to do....what's that she said?
By now my eyes are seeing red
"We haven't received your transcript yet, we must have them before your aid you'll get"

I begin to cry, my body shakes, I've done all I can, but not what it takes
I cry out, "O Lord, For heaven's sakes!"
But I continue to sob, and my body shakes

They took my picture for the I.D., "Two dollars please, that's the fee."
"Come back on Monday and your card you'll get."
Another seventy mile trip and I'll be all set!
Out the door and down the hall, mile after mile, wall after wall.
My car through the rain is a quarter mile away
But this is registration day at Green Bay

Hope this crazy poem satisfies you that there is no talent here,

Committed to crazy advice,

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