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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ramona Rips Rod

Ramona Wrote:

Dear Rod,

I wish you'd quit bragging about yourself. You always think you are so smart. Do you really think that I believe that Mr. O, Mr. Ginko, Mr. Mitts, Mr. Sanitation, and Mr. Pull have really written you. And who do you think you are that you could give them any useful advice. And why do you think anyone would pay you a million dollars for your endorsement.

Also, I wish you would quit bragging about your "fantastic recovery" from double knee replacement. Do you really think it is believable. Well, I know better because I had a knee replacement four months ago and I'm still using the walker. I think you exaggerate things. You make it sound like I'm a slacker when it comes to therapy.

So I have some advice for you....SHUT UP!


Dear Ramona,

This is my blog, so I will brag if I want to. And yes, sometimes I do think I'm pretty smart. What makes you so sure that Mr. O hasn't written to me and asked for my advice and endorsement. And, no, my endorsement is not worth a million dollars, I am now asking 1.5 million. And when it is down to just two candidates it will go up to two million. And when I get it, even you will have to admit I'm pretty smart.

As to my "fantastic" recovery. It's all true. I'm sorry about your slow recovery. Would you like me to come over and help you with therapy. You do do therapy, don't you? Come on, Ramona, bend that leg.... further.... further. Now straighten it right out. The more you do this the less it will hurt. I bet bunny would like to work with you.

Honestly, Ramona, this blog is all about crazy advice. It's all about having some fun. And it's about entertaining my readers. I'll let president O know you are concerned about him.

No hard feelings here,


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