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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pay Some One Else's Taxes

Eugene Wrote:

Dear Rod,

I sure hope you can give me some good advice because I think I'm in a heap of trouble..... but I don't know why I should be. But the IRS is sure giving me a lot of grief right now. You see, for years I worked for this company as an employee and received W2s every year. I've always paid my taxes in full. Well, in 2010 the company I worked for went out of business. The other day I received a notice from the IRS that I owe over $16,000 in back taxes, saying that I am responsible for the unpaid taxes of this company. Frankly that scared the you know what out of me. Now I am nervous all the time. I don't know what to do. Do you have any advice that can help me?

Dear Eugene,

What do you think I am, an accountant or something? Sheesh, the only advice I give out is crazy and I don't know if even that will help you. Have you been saying bad things about Mr. O? If so, he probably sent the IRS after you. Having someone audited is his best weapon. I'm surprised He hasn't tried to use the IRS on Iran or Syria. That would make them shake in their boots.

I would advise you to see an accountant who will get on the phone and tell the IRS what's what. If he doesn't do that, at least he could write the IRS nasty letters, or tell Bill O'Rielly, or Rush Limbaugh, or somebody like that. Who knows, you might become nationally famous like Joe the Plumber or somebody like that. Focks News would have their panels discussing this and some of the best lawyers in the country would be giving you their opinion for free. Who knows, they might even interview you and you can tell the whole nation what you think of the IRS. Use decent words though or all the listeners will here is "bleep, bleepity, bleep. Use the IRS agents name though so the whole conservative world can shame him and the Wall Street protestors can cheer him. Mr. O. might even have a word.

You gotta look at this as a situation to exploit for your own good. I'll even come to the prison and visit you once it is all over..... that is if they don't execute you first for tax evasion. In that case I will take video of you when they give you the needle and put it on U-tube. Just so you know U-tube is different that a U-boat.

Write me and let me know how my advice works out.

Committed to giving crazy advice to the crazy of this world.


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