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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mr. O Asks Rod How He is Doing

Mr. O wrote:

Dear Rod,

How are you doing? Ooops, I meant to say, "How am I doing?" What I mean is, how do you think I'm doing with this year's presidential campaign? Did I spell "campaign" right? Well, anyway, I think you probably noticed how I got everybody's attention off the poor economy by making a big deal out of the killing of that black boy in Florida by that white guy. Well, he's white enough since he is hispanic. Boy, all the mainstream media jumped all over that and so did some congressmen and congresswomen. Folks will forget all about Obammycare and the poor economy.

Besides all that, the government is sending checks to 40% of Americans. That's 40% of the people that I can count on to vote for me. Pretty slick, don't you think? I might be able to win this election without buying your endorsement.

So, if the mic isn't on, I just want to say one thing..... screw you and your endorsement.

Sincerely (I think)

Mr. O

Dear Mr. O,

Thanks for writing once again.

Yes, I do think you will get 40% of the vote, but unless you have forgotten, it still takes around 50% to win an election. I am just wondering, are you as concerned about white boys who get murdered by black boys at you are about a black kid getting murdered (and there has been no trial) by someone you think is "white enough?" What ever happened to equality and justice for all? I think you need to know that there are still a lot of Americans who are color blind and believe in equal opportunity and equal justice. Creating a racial crisis is not a way to win an election. Were you an eye witness to the incident in Florida?

Secondly, after the above mentioned incident, the Obammycare fiasco, and the things that were said when you thought the mic was turned off, you couldn't raise enough money to buy my endorsement, which you will badly need to even come close in this election. Remember, Mr. O, all those people receiving free money are going to want a raise or they just might turn on you. It's funny how greed changes people. And where will you get that money. Oh ya, I forgot that you have printing presses.

Well, good luck! November is coming sooner than you realize. Do you want some real crazy advice? Quit before you fall further behind. This could be really embarrassing.

So, how am I doing? Fine. How are you doing? Not so fine.

Sincerely (for sure)


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