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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Way Too Loud

Harmon wrote:

Dear Rod,

I've got a really big problem that I am now dealing with. I have been attending the same church for the past ten years or so and have witnessed a lot of changes in that time.  When I first started attending there was a different pastor than there is now and, conversely, a different minister of music. The music has also changed with the minister. When I once enjoyed the worship service I am now very uncomfortable. Where as we used to sing a mix of traditional and contemporary songs, the songs are now all contemporary. Also, the music is so loud that I can hardly stand it. In fact, I had to leave the service a couple of times because the music was so penetrating.

Whatever happened to the old gospel songs? Those were songs that had depth and great meaning. I don't mean that we should sing only those songs, but lately we sing none of them. I love my church but I feel that my needs are no longer being met in the worship service. Do you have any advice for me?

Dear Harmon,

You sound like you are as old as I am. And, yes, I do have some advice.

First of all, I think that you should admit to yourself that you are old and out dated and that your needs don't matter as much as that of the younger people. To talk plainly to you, you are an old codger. Maybe the term "old geezer" is better. The world about us is changing but old codgers change slower than the world does.

Secondly, You can make up your mind that you will go with the flow. Bring your own earplugs if you need to or use the ones that the church provides.  Though it does seem strange that a church would provide earplugs because they know their music is too loud.

Thirdly, you can sit in the foyer until the music service is over. That will give you a chance to learn all the contemporary songs you don't know without having to sing them. Some of them actually have a good message and should be easy to learn because the same line is used over and over.

Fourthly, you can start your own church called "The First Church of the Old Codgers."  I'll bet there are scores of other old codgers just like yourself who would gladly attend so long as they could sing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", and "Holy, Holy, Holy" once in a while. And even though you probably need a hearing aide for normal things, at least you would not have to wear earplugs.

Finally, if any of my advice works, let me know.

Committed to crazy advice,


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