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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Gene Wrote:

Dear Rod,

I have noticed that you have taken a hiatus from giving crazy advice. I was wondering if it is because people have quit writing you, or if you have run short on crazy advice. I miss reading your blog so I hope that there are some people with serious problems to whom you can give your worthless advice.

Your faithful reader,

Dear Gene,

You must be sicker than I am, and that's hard to do considering I just had both legs chopped off and glued back on. Anyone who hopes someone else has serious problems just so he can be entertained, is weird. But, nonetheless, thanks for the compliment. Do you really think I'm good at screwing up someone else's life?

But here's the truth of the matter. I really did have surgery and have been taking medication, which impairs my already impaired ability to think. I was afraid that my advice at this time might not just be crazy, but psycho-crazy. I didn't want people to think I am a nut and I certainly didn't want to end up in one of Mr. Obama's government run hospitals..... I think they call them Gitmo. And as sick as you are, I certainly didn't want to run into you there.

So, while I am recovering I may be a little slow at screwing up other's lives. But, hey, I'll soon be back to normal.

Committed to crazy advice,

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